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Image of a worker (for example, an accountant) who is sitting at her office desk with a happy smile on her face.
Future of Finance

Swipey for Accountants: Streamlining Finances for Enhanced Efficiency and Growth

It’s no surprise that technology has taken us by storm, with things like robots and AI becoming more common. Some worry this means they will replace human jobs completely. But others see it differently – they’re just tools that can make life better, saving us time for other things. Think

A green background with the text "Celebrate Hari Raya with your team like a pro" above a group of ketupats (traditional Malaysian food served during Hari Raya).
Tools & Tips

Celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri Like a Pro: Simple Tips for Your Business!

As Ramadan draws to a close and Hari Raya approaches, it’s time to embrace the spirit of celebration and generosity! Let Swipey help make your company’s Hari Raya preparations effortless with these tips: Surprise Your Team with Raya Bonuses 🎁 They’ve worked hard, so treat them! Use Swipey’s Bill Payments

Swipey Cards empowering business teams with financial agility
Tools & Tips

Empower your Team: Unleashing the Full Potential of Swipey VISA Cards

Staying ahead in today’s competitive business environment requires a bit of everything, including efficient expense management within the team. Juggling budgets, keeping track of receipts, and waiting for approvals can be a time-consuming nightmare. Swipey VISA Cards are here to simplify things and empower your team with greater control, flexibility,

Swipey's innovative features and their impact on simplifying business financial management, including Virtual Corporate Cards, Bill Payment automation, Receipt Capture, and Statement generation.
Tools & Tips

Navigating the Future: How Swipey Transforms Financial Management for Businesses

In the business world, handling money is a big deal. That’s where Swipey comes in. It’s like a superhero for businesses, making money stuff way easier. Swipey has cool tools that help with work, save time, and make sure businesses are ready for whatever comes next. Let’s check out how

Swipey protect and control business spending with robust solutions against expense fraud.
Tools & Tips

Control Your Spend: Safeguarding Businesses from Expense Fraud with Swipey

Expense fraud, a silent threat that can erode a company’s financial health, lurks in the shadows of business operations. In this article, we delve into the critical issues of expense fraud, unraveling the complexities in a way that resonates with every business owner or manager. But fear not! Swipey’s expense

Swipey's Automation: Effortlessly Manage Routine Business Expenses
Tools & Tips

Automate Routine Expenses with Swipey

In the fast-paced realm of business, every second counts. Imagine a world where routine expenses, once manual headaches, become streamlined and automated, freeing up your valuable time for what truly matters – growing your business. Swipey emerges as your guide in this transformative journey, offering innovative features that redefine how

Illustration depicting a seamless expense management process with Swipey software.
Tools & Tips

Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Expense Management Software

In today’s fast-paced business world, finding the right expense management software is a big deal. This guide breaks it down so you can pick the perfect fit for your business without the headache. Understanding Expense Management Expense management is the strategic approach to handling a company’s expenses, ensuring they are

Swipey: Penyelesaian Kewangan Agensi Pemasaran untuk Pengurusan Kempen Iklan, Langganan SaaS, dan Pembayaran Balik Perbelanjaan.
Tools & Tips

Optimalkan Kewangan Agensi Pemasaran Anda dengan Swipey

Agensi pemasaran kini melibatkan diri dalam perjuangan menangani pelbagai cabaran kewangan di era digital ini. Dari menguruskan pelbagai kempen iklan, langganan pelbagai alat dalam talian, sehingga pembayaran balik perbelanjaan kepada staf dan kebimbangan keselamatan berkaitan kad kredit, semuanya menuntut pendekatan yang khusus. Siapa lagi yang lebih bersetuju dengan cabaran ini

Swipey's Bill Payment Feature - Simplify Your Business Finances, Track Payments, Save Time and Money
Tools & Tips

Mastering Business Bill Payments: How Swipey Saves the Day

Let’s talk about a hero in the world of bill payments – Swipey’s Bill Payment feature. You know, the one that’s a lifesaver for those ‘paying bills’ headaches? It’s time to make sense of how this awesome tool tackles those pesky payment problems. How Missed Payments and Late Fees Burden

Streamlining finances for marketing agencies - ad tracking, subscription management, expenses, and security.
Tools & Tips

Financial Management for Marketing Agencies: Streamlining with Swipey

In today’s digital marketing landscape, financial management for marketing agencies poses varied challenges. The complexities of overseeing multiple ad campaigns, online tool subscriptions, expense reimbursements, and security concerns demand a specialized approach. Who could agree more with this headache than marketing agencies? Enter Swipey – the ultimate financial solution that

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