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Malaysian businesses are choosing Swipey to save time and money. Manage corporate prepaid cards, expenses, invoices, accounting, approvals, budgets and spending reports on one simplified dashboard.


    Trusted by multiple companies to provide easy payment and expense management solutions

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    Corporate Card
    A dedicated corporate prepaid card that’s easy to use and simple to manage.
    Digital Dashboard
    Account management that accounts for time and money.
    Digital Expense
    Track, approve, and manage transactions quickly with real-time oversight.
    Increase productivity by removing complicated claims processes while maintaining control of employee expenditures.
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    Swipey Corporate Card

    Simplified expense management that saves time and money
    • Corporate prepaid cards with predefined limits
    • Earn business rewards with everyday spends
    • Reduced currency exchange costs

    User-friendly Digital Dashboard

    A digital dashboard designed with simplicity at its core
    • Centralised expense management
    • Real-time spend insight
    • Log in anytime, anywhere, on mobile or laptop
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    reviewing in tablet

    Easy Expense Management

    Digital capabilities that leave paperwork for the dinosaurs
    • Swipey’s web & mobile apps delivers simple digital expense tracking
    • Save time and cost on spend management
    • End-to-end oversight of expenses

    Empowered Employees

    Powering up your payment solution by putting your people first
    • Enhance productivity by removing complicated payment processes
    • Build trust and accountability amongst employees
    • Boost confidence with seamless transactions anytime, anywhere

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