Wave goodbye to clunky spreadsheets with our dashboard.

Our expense management dashboard offers real-time oversight, giving your finance teams better control and spend visibility for your business.

Keep your finance teams updated on expenses

As soon as a purchase is made on a Swipey card, admins get a notification. No more end-of-month surprises.

Manage employee cards in a glance

Admins can manage cards with full visibility and have control over your business expenses. You determine the amount of each card and control spending categories.

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SME's using our platform


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Exclusive dash-yat dashboard

Real-time Visibility

Get real time visibility on your company finances from card transactions to invoice payments.

Track Expenses

Track and sort expenses by individuals.

Manage Cards

Manage employee cards remotely giving you added control over your business expenditure.

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Swipey is a fin-ops solution for forward-thinking businesses. With products like expense management dashboard, prepaid VISA card, and bill payment; Swipey enables you to monitor expenses, assign personalized cards, and even pay bills on time.

Click on the Sign Up button above to begin registration; the process will only take 5-7 minutes. For SMEs, start-ups, and companies, you’ll need to prepare business documents for verification.

Swipey expense management dashboard is a simple, user-friendly digital dashboard that allows you to track, approve, and manage transactions and prepaid cards quickly with real-time oversight.

After signing up, you can access Swipey via the web dashboard

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