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Finance has always been known as a complex, diverse aspect of a business that may be difficult to handle. People working in marketing agencies are highly conscious that increasing productivity and efficiency contributes to profit.

With the rapid growth in technology and fierce competition, these could be challenging times for marketing agencies. However, many do not realize that managing expenses does not have to be hard at all.

We are now living in a technological boom where many things have the power to make life easier. Let’s find out how Swipey’s expense management tools can increase productivity in marketing agencies.

Being remote is the new trend

A complicated and lengthy account closing procedure is the result of time spent paying bills, and subscriptions, following up on approvals, and more. Managing marketing expenses remotely is the key to fully automating financial processes in your company.

Long gone are the days that require you to fill up countless Excel spreadsheets or paper forms. Although automating processes requires time and money initially, the costs can be reduced. Since there is less human error when performing billing-related tasks, there will be fewer financial losses and an increase in efficiency.

In a marketing agency, this can save you time managing client accounts, online ads, and business subscriptions, giving your team more time to be innovative and churn out better ideas to improve revenue. It’s not just that! Swipey can also help your team make claims and reimbursements conveniently in just a few clicks.

Facilitate faster and smarter decision-making

Marketing Agencies Productivity

Due to unexpected events for new projects, problems such as excessive workload continue to exist. Over time, it could get frustrating and overwhelming. This will affect the workflow process and productivity in the company. The accessible visual nature of Swipey’s dashboard can facilitate smarter and faster decision-making in all key aspects of the business especially when it comes to the finance department.

It allows users to analyze as well as dive deep into real-time insights. The reason to have expense data in one place is it will help the finance team to establish future expense budgets quickly and avoid overspending. Most importantly, all members are on the same page about financial concerns and this can help your business minimize the impact of future disputes.

Effective time management

Digital Marketing Campaign

Time management is very important for professionals that work in the marketing field and digital marketing is a must-have strategy in every marketing plan. Considering how quickly digital marketing campaigns can acquire customers, it is unavoidable that the amount of time you can focus on each task will be limited. You now have to divide your time between acquiring customers, managing marketing operations and your fast-growing customer base.

Hence, it is crucial to have the right automation tools to avoid wasting time on unnecessary tasks.

With Swipey, you can now automate expense management of your online ads, and recurring subscription bills and keep track of expenses made by other members of your marketing team via our expense management dashboard and virtual Visa payment card. You don’t need to waste time tracking every expense manually because the moment you log into your Swipey account, you’ll be able to view all expenses over your chosen period in just a click.

Manage your business budget more efficiently

The success of a marketing agency relies heavily on financial resources. Marketing and promotional initiatives are costly because it’s the foundation for generating revenues for all companies. Money is one of the primary sources to fulfill the demands of big clients and accomplish new creative achievements.

This is where Swipey’s expense management tools come in handy because we can help you manage your budget as you pursue revenue growth. You can view your spending over months and years to give you a clear understanding of how you spend your money and what you can do to save costs. Swipey’s lower foreign exchange fees are also an advantage that’ll help keep your business budget under control.

To all business owners of marketing agencies out there, we got your back. With the right expense management tool by your side, you can now achieve your objectives in a less costly and time-consuming manner. Sign up now to enjoy all of the Swipey benefits you deserve to increase productivity for your company.

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