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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Basics

Swipey is a fin-ops solution for forward-thinking businesses. With products like expense management dashboard, prepaid VISA card, and digital fin-butler Swipey enables you to monitor expenses, control company spending limits, and even pay bills on time.

Absolutely! Swipey is available for SMEs, start-ups, gig workers, and even individuals.

Click on the Sign Up button above to begin registration; the process will only take 5-7 minutes. For SMEs, start-ups, and companies, you’ll need to prepare business documents for verification.

Getting started with Swipey is absolutely free! We also offer quarterly or annual subscription plans for your various business needs. Visit our pricing page for more details.

Swipey was founded in 2021 by experienced entrepreneurs, Kalyana Mohan and Rouvin Thiruchelvam with the objective to make business simple. The goal is to help business owners save time and costs managing expenses and redirect their focus on growing their business. Today, Swipey is the first and only finops solution that exists in Malaysia.

Yes, Swipey is regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia.

Swipey Cards

No, Swipey cards are Visa-powered prepaid cards for modern businesses and corporates.

We’ll issue virtual prepaid cards once you’ve completed the sign up process. After that, you can transfer funds to the master account that your company will be using. You can then issue multiple cards, set spending limits, freeze cards, and even customise your spend categories. You may access the cards and their details from the web dashboard or mobile app.

Swipey prepaid cards are available as both virtual and physical cards. You can use the the virtual cards for online transactions while the physical cards for both online and retail transactions. You will have access to the physical cards if you’re on our paid plans.

You can use Swipey cards locally and internationally, for both physical and digital transactions across 80 million+ Visa merchants worldwide.


Swipey’s expense management dashboard is a simple, user-friendly digital dashboard that allows you to track, approve, and manage transactions and prepaid corporate cards quickly with real-time oversight.

After signing up, you can access Swipey via the web dashboard.

As a Swipey virtual or physical prepaid card user, you will have access to a mobile app that can be downloaded on the iOS’s App Store or Android’s Play Store. Here you’ll get to view your transactions as well as perform other functions e.g. freeze card, reset card pin or add receipt to the transaction.


To subscribe to our paid plan, sign up first and then our friendly customer service agent will be in touch to activate your paid plan of choice.

Getting started with Swipey is absolutely free! We also offer quarterly or yearly subscription plans for your various business needs. Visit our pricing page for more details.

Bill Payment

Swipey bill payment is a digital solution that allows you to manage all payments easily.

Simply forward your invoices to a designated email and the fin-butler will vet through the information for your review on your Swipey web dashboard. Upon your approval, the fin-butler will make batch payments on your behalf.

Bill payment is currently in Beta stage. Do expect availability to the public some time in Q2 of 2023. In the mean time, if you’re interested to try out the Beta-version of Bill Payment, do reach out to our Customer Success team.

Swipey is regulated by the Bank Negara Malaysia

In partnership with Fasspay & Visa

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