Pay subscriptions and more with your Swipey card.

Empower your business with both physical and virtual cards for corporates that keep expense management in check!

Swipey is regulated by the Bank Negara Malaysia

In partnership with Fasspay & Visa

Swipey cards work in 3-simple steps!

Pay for something

Use your Swipey virtual or physical Visa card to pay for a company subscription or expense.

Add your receipt

Snap or upload your receipt and any important details via the Swipey app.


That’s it! Your subscriptions and purchases can now be tracked on the Swipey Dashboard!

Stop using personal credit cards for business payments.

Protect your personal privacy and assign a Swipey card to any business functions, team members or even clients. Swipey’s prepaid VISA card makes business payments simple and gives you full control over company budgets. You can even top-up funds whenever you like.

Smart prepaid cards for better business control.

Swipey’s prepaid cards for corporates empower your team to spend on things for their work needs.

Personalised cards that suits your business

Swipey’s prepaid VISA cards have a few nifty tricks that come with it:

*Only available for Growth and Plus paid plans

What can I use Swipey cards for?


Manage all your recurring business subscriptions with a single or dedicated card


Assign cards to your teams and keep track of multiple bill payments or travel claims.


Need to give vendors access to funds? Assign them a prepaid Swipey card instead.

Get your first 2 cards
at no cost.​

What a gem of a find !

Get started with Swipey today!

Get your first 2 cards at no cost.

Get started with Swipey today!

Get your first 2 cards at no cost.

Get started with Swipey today!

Get your first 2 cards at no cost.

Trusted by founders. Loved by employees. Adopted by all industries.

"Swipey takes over our day-to-day finance operations so that we can focus on building pitchIN. We couldn't ask for a better partner!"

Sam Shafie, CEO and Co-Founder of pitchIN

I’m sure you’ve got questions.​​

Swipey is a fin-ops solution for forward-thinking businesses. With products like expense management dashboard, prepaid VISA card, and digital fin-butler Swipey enables you to monitor expenses, assign personalized cards, and even pay bills on time.

Click on the Sign Up button above to begin registration; the process will only take 5-7 minutes. For SMEs, start-ups, and companies, you’ll need to prepare business documents for verification.

No, Swipey cards are Visa-powered prepaid cards.

We’ll issue virtual prepaid cards once you’ve completed the sign up process. After that, you can transfer funds to the master account that your company will be using. You can then issue multiple cards, set spending limits, freeze cards, and even customise your spend categories. You may access the cards and their details from the web dashboard or mobile app.

Swipey prepaid cards are available as both virtual and physical cards. You can use the the virtual cards for online transactions while the physical cards for both online and retail transactions. You will have access to the physical cards if you’re on our paid plans.

You can use Swipey cards locally and internationally, for both physical and digital transactions across 80 million+ Visa merchants worldwide.

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