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Revolutionize Your Bookkeeping with Swipey


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Imagine this scenario: You’ve just wrapped up a successful month for your business. Sales are booming, projects are on track, and you’re feeling optimistic about the future. However, a dark cloud appears on the horizon – bookkeeping.
Every business transaction turns a flimsy receipt into crucial evidence. These receipts, whether meticulously collected or shoved into files, often cause anxiety and stress. When it’s time to close the books, the finance team spends hours deciphering messy handwriting, categorizing purchases, and worrying about missing receipts leading to overtime work.
This inefficiency isn’t just a time-waster; lost receipts can result in denied reimbursements, impacting morale and potentially straining vendor relationships. Moreover, errors in manual data entry could lead to inaccurate reports and financial discrepancies.

Introducing Swipey

But what if closing your books could be different? What if it could be streamlined, efficient, and even enjoyable? With the right tools and strategies, it can! And the key to unlocking this new reality is Swipey!

Swipey Democratizes the Process

Swipey transforms expense management from a cumbersome chore into a streamlined process. With Swipey, the days of chasing everyone down for receipts, claims, ad hoc payments, and petty cash reconciliation are over. Swipey equips each employee with individual cards and a user-friendly dashboard or mobile app, putting them in control of their business spending.

How Swipey Helps You Close Your Books Faster

1. Eliminate Missing Receipts

Say goodbye to lost receipts! Employees can easily upload receipts with a few taps in the Swipey app, ensuring all transactions are accounted for. Take a photo, upload it directly to the dashboard, attach a note for added context.

2. Automated Accounts Payable

No need to jump through different accounting or banking platforms, checking emails or physical invoices and doing the necessary data entry – just forward bills to Swipey. Our AI reads and transcribes invoice information, ensuring timely payments.

3. Faster Reconciliation

No more manual data entry needed. With accurate data readily available, reconciling statements becomes a breeze, allowing you to close your books in a fraction of the time.

4. Empowers Team and Saves Time

Employees appreciate the convenience and control Swipey offers, replacing the old system with a whole new democratized process. They also never have to pay out of pocket and worry about reimbursement timelines. The finance person is happy too since they don’t have to file, approve, and arrange these reimbursement payouts; this also ensures that their workload is reduced, saving both time and money when it comes to closing the books.

5. Enhances Efficiency and Accountability

Employees get the power to spend and manage their own expenses, but they also have the responsibility to upload and manage bills and receipts themselves. This fosters accountability and a sense of ownership over company spending.

6. A Lighter Load for the Finance Person

The finance person saves time by not having to sort papers and decode handwriting, thanks to organized categories and attached notes. They can concentrate on strategic tasks like analyzing spending trends, with tools like Swipey’s accounting integration aiding in generating detailed statements and reports.

The Bottom Line: Efficiency, Savings, and Empowerment

When it comes to bookkeeping, Swipey offers a win-win for everyone involved. Businesses benefit from increased efficiency, improved financial visibility, and an empowered workforce. Employees enjoy a streamlined expense management experience and ownership over their spending. Embrace Swipey and usher in a new era of smart spending and seamless expense management. Explore Swipey today and revolutionize your bookkeeping process, saving time and money.

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