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8 Swipey Hacks to Unleash Business Growth


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We all strive to maximize our productivity and efficiency. However, it can sometimes feel like a burdensome task, leading us to search for clever shortcuts.
Wouldn’t it be great if there were a “hack” to make it effortless? That’s the thinking behind Swipey – we’re all about making financial operations and management enjoyable and straightforward. Here are 8 powerful tools to maximize your productivity with Swipey.


1. Auto Top-Up

Imagine running a client’s marketing campaign and needing continuous funding for Facebook ads, or imagine you’re at a dinner with a client and your card gets declined due to low funds. Auto-top-up eliminates the risk of interruptions due to depleted funds, always ensuring smooth operations.


Ensure seamless transactions for your team with the auto top-up feature, which keeps your Swipey cards consistently funded. Whether you’re managing a marketing campaign or making essential purchases, this feature guarantees uninterrupted service.


2. Set Spending Limits: From Chaos to Clarity

Are you struggling to keep track of your business expenses? Without clear spending limits, it’s easy to overspend on office supplies, ad campaigns, or other business needs. This lack of control can lead to budget overruns, financial stress, and a murky understanding of where your money is going. Imagine the chaos when a single overspend derails your entire budget. The ripple effects can include halted projects, strained resources, and emergency financial adjustments. This not only impacts your business operations but also adds unnecessary stress to your team. Small expenses can accumulate without proper oversight, leading to significant financial shortfalls.


With Swipey, you can set clear spending limits on each card, ensuring that every dollar is accounted for. Assign specific cards for specific jobs, like client expenses or ad spending, and top them up according to allocated budgets. This way, you maintain control over your finances, preventing overspending and ensuring transparency.


3. Capture Your Receipts: From Frantic Searches to Streamlined Processes

Do you find yourself constantly losing receipts and scrambling to gather paperwork? Imagine the chaos when employees are unable to get reimbursed on time due to lost receipts. The frustration and time wasted on frantic reconciliation can lead to decreased productivity and morale. For your finance team, the end-of-month reconciliation becomes a nightmare, filled with missing paperwork and unaccounted expenses. This not only causes stress but also risks financial inaccuracies that can impact your business’s bottom line.


Swipey offers a seamless solution with its receipt capture feature. Say goodbye to lost receipts and the hassle of managing reimbursement paperwork. With Swipey, you can simply snap photos of your receipts and upload them instantly, linking them directly to the transaction. This eliminates the stress of keeping track of physical receipts, or receipts fading away and ensures that all expenses are accurately recorded and easily accessible.


4. Monitor Real-Time Transactions: From Uncertainty to Proactive Financial Management

Are you struggling to keep track of your business expenses? Without the ability to monitor transactions as they happen, unauthorized or excessive spending can go unnoticed until it’s too late. This lack of visibility can lead to budget overruns, financial discrepancies, and stress for your finance team, making it difficult to maintain control over your finances.


Gain complete control over your budget and funds with Swipey’s real-time transaction monitoring feature. Stay on top of your expenses effortlessly by accessing detailed transaction information instantly on the Swipey platform. This proactive approach lets you detect unauthorized or excessive spending before it becomes a problem, providing invaluable peace of mind.


5. Leverage Reporting Tools: From Guesswork to Data-Driven Decisions

In addition to real-time insights, delve into thorough reports that unveil spending trends, highlight top merchants, and identify key vendors. These data-driven insights empower you to make informed decisions effortlessly, optimizing your budget and enhancing productivity without the need for manual effort.


Swipey offers a robust solution with its advanced reporting tools. These data-driven insights empower you to make informed decisions effortlessly, optimizing your budget and enhancing productivity. With Swipey, you can even download full transaction reports into Excel to run your own analyses and gain deeper insights without much manual effort.


6. Integrate with Accounting Software: From Manual Errors to Integrated Efficiency

Imagine the time and effort wasted on manually entering every transaction into your accounting software. The risk of human error can result in inaccurate financial records, missed expenses, and potential compliance issues. This manual process not only drains productivity but also leaves your financial team stressed and overburdened. The lack of integration creates a fragmented system, making it difficult to maintain accurate and up-to-date financial information.


By leveraging Swipey’s integration with accounting software, you transform your financial processes from manual hassles to automated efficiency. No more tedious data entry or fragmented systems. With one-click syncing, your financial records remain accurate and up-to-date, along with attached receipts and notes for every transaction, providing you with the insights needed to make informed decisions. This streamlined approach enhances productivity, reduces errors, and ensures a smooth, stress-free financial management experience.


7. Use Accounting Nomenclature when Creating Cards

Imagine the chaos of having to manually sift through every transaction, trying to group them into the correct cost centres during accounting. The lack of clear naming conventions for expense cards can result in missed expenses, misallocated funds, and a convoluted accounting process. This inefficiency wastes valuable time, increases the risk of errors, and makes financial management more challenging than it needs to be.


Swipey offers a simple yet powerful solution by encouraging the use of clear and consistent names when creating new cards. Number the cards according to accounting cost centres, and assign each card to the appropriate cost center from the start. This proactive approach ensures that all transactions made with a given card are automatically organized correctly for your accounting, eliminating the need for manual sorting.


8. Train Your Team

Is your team struggling to fully utilize the tools at their disposal? Without proper training on Swipey’s features, your team may not be leveraging the platform’s full potential, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities for optimization. This knowledge gap can result in inconsistent financial workflows, approval delays, and a lack of standardized practices, ultimately hindering your organization’s productivity and success.


Your finance team can leverage Swipey and create standard practices around financial workflows and approvals specific to your organization, or to align your company on how to use Swipey best, You can join our weekly demo sessions, either to get a refresher or to get your new team members onboarded too.



With these Swipey hacks at your disposal, expense management transforms from a daunting task into a streamlined superpower, and helps to maximize productivity and efficiency. Prepare to take control of your finances and witness your business soar to unprecedented heights!

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