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Expense Management Built for Retail & E-commerce Operators

Manage supplier payments to logistics fees. Swipey equips retail & 
e-commerce brands with total spend visibility and control.

Trusted by 1000+ businesses

In partnership with Fasspay & VISA​

Regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia

Challenges for retail & e-commerce

How Swipey enhances e-commerce operations

Swipey streamlines financial management by consolidating statements, simplifying transactions, and improving transparency, making it easier for companies to manage expenses efficiently.

Easier reconciliation

No more manual data entry needed. With data readily available, reconciling statements becomes a breeze, allowing you to close your books in a fraction of the time.

Faster processing

Eliminate claims and reimbursements with Swipey Cards, preventing delays in marketing campaigns and inventory restocking, thereby maintaining sales momentum.

Save time & fees

Easily manage incoming invoices. Approve & schedule supplier and vendor payments local and abroad, everyone gets paid auto-magically at the right time, every time.

Real Time Financial Insights

Gain instant visibility into all expenses with real-time dashboards, helping manage budgets effectively, optimize inventory purchases, and make quick, informed financial decisions.

Stay Compliant

Ensure compliance with regulators, reducing the risk of audits and fines, and minimizing the potential for fraudulent expense claims.

Why Swipey?

Apply online

Instant virtual VISA cards

No minimum deposit

No minimum time since incorporation

Why Swipey?


Issue virtual or physical Swipey cards to operations staff


Customize spend permissions, categories and receipts per card


Use cards for payments, track receipts in mobile app


Review consolidated expenses in one secure all-in-one platform

How PetChef is elevating its business with modern optimization

“Swipey has definitely simplified my role as Head of Operations. Using Swipey significantly speeds up transaction processing and makes managing finances more manageable”.

Kieran Ong (Head of Operations)

Frequently asked questions

Few more things you should know about Swipey.

Swipey is a fin-ops solution for forward-thinking businesses. With products like expense management dashboard, prepaid VISA card, and digital fin-butler Swipey enables you to monitor expenses, assign personalized cards, and even pay bills on time.

Absolutely! Swipey is available for SMEs, start-ups, gig workers, and even individuals.

Click on the Sign Up button above to begin registration; the process will only take 5-7 minutes. For SMEs, start-ups, and companies, you’ll need to prepare business documents for verification.

Getting started with Swipey is absolutely free! We also offer monthly subscription plans for your various business needs. Visit our pricing page for more details.

Swipey was founded in 2021 by experienced entrepreneurs, Kalyana Mohan and Rouvin Thiruchelvam with the objective to make business simple. The goal is to help business owners save time and costs managing expenses and redirect their focus on growing their business. Today, Swipey is the first and only finops solution that exists in Malaysia.

Yes, Swipey is regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia.

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