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9 Tips to Improve Productivity Among Remote Teams

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The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the move to remote work, pushing businesses to go digital. FinOps tools played a key role in this shift, helping finance teams stay effective despite being physically apart. Even after the pandemic, the advantages of remote work remain clear. As remote work continues, FinOps tools, like Swipey, keep businesses efficient, productive, and in control. Traditionally, finance departments relied on physical paperwork and face-to-face interactions. However, with remote teams, digital solutions have become crucial for smooth operations.

Here are some Swipey tips and tricks to helps remote teams stay productive and in control:

Issues Cards Instantly: Eliminate the Wait

In a remote setup, waiting for physical cards can delay crucial purchases. Swipey’s instant issuance of virtual cards empowers remote workers to access funds immediately, allowing them to purchase necessary tools and services without interruption. For example, you can issue a virtual card on the spot for a newly onboarded freelancer to cover project-related expenses right away.

Project-Specific Cards: Organize Your Spending

Remote teams often work on diverse projects and tasks. Swipey allows you to segregate cards based on specific projects or departments, ensuring accurate spending tracking and budget maintenance for each initiative.

Real-Time Expense Tracking: Stay Informed, Make Quick Decisions

Real-time expense tracking is crucial for maintaining transparency and accountability in remote teams. Swipey’s dashboard provides up-to-the-minute updates on all transactions, helping teams stay informed and make quick decisions, such as knowing when to intervene.

Automate Expense Reports: No More Manual Hassles

Manual expense reporting is time-consuming and prone to errors. Swipey automates the process, reducing the administrative burden on remote workers and ensuring accuracy in financial reporting.

Collaborate with Accountants: Streamline Your Accounting

Swipey’s accounting integration features enable remote teams to share financial data seamlessly with their accountant, facilitating efficient financial management and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. Consequently, remote teams can maintain up-to-date financial records, streamlining the accounting process and enhancing accuracy, even when team members are dispersed across different locations.

Set Spending Limits: Maintain Control

Managing expenses across a distributed workforce can be challenging. Swipey’s spending controls allow you to set limits on each card, preventing overspending and maintaining financial discipline. In addition, the Merchant Control feature allows users to quickly adjust categories and limits for different cards. Admins can easily customize settings to align with specific needs, reducing the chance of unauthorized expenses.

Auto Top-Ups: Continuous Fund Access

Remote teams need uninterrupted access to funds. Swipey’s auto top-up feature ensures that cards are always funded, eliminating delays and ensuring that team members can continue their work without financial interruptions.

Enhanced Security: Utilize Clawback & Freeze Features

Security is a significant concern for remote teams. Swipey’s clawback and freeze features allow you to retract funds or freeze cards if suspicious activity is detected. This added layer of security is essential for protecting company finances when direct supervision is limited.

Effortless Vendor & Subscription Payments: Automate & Save Time

Swipey simplifies the process of managing vendor and subscription payments by automating these transactions. This ensures timely payments and helps in maintaining good relationships with vendors.


Ultimately, Swipey enhances remote team performance by providing instant virtual cards, simplifying expense reports, and tracking spending in real-time. Additionally, it streamlines financial management and improves workflow efficiency when your team is distributed. Encourage your team to leverage Swipey’s tools to better manage finances and streamline tasks – start spending on Swipey today!

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