Optimizing Expense Management for International Trade


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Managing finances in international trade is a complex yet crucial task. Both importers and exporters face distinctive challenges, such as juggling international payments, tracking cross-border expenditures, and staying compliant with global trade regulations. Swipey offers a digital expense management solution specifically designed to simplify these processes for importers and exporters.

How Swipey Benefits Import/Export Businesses

Streamlined Bill Payments and Statements

Eliminate the hassle of managing numerous bills and receipts. Swipey’s Fin-Butler neatly organizes all your transaction receipts for imports and exports, ensuring you have all necessary documentation and statements for record-keeping and audits.

Accounting Software Integration

Swipey integrates effortlessly with leading accounting tools like QuickBooks, minimizing the need for manual data entry and reconciliation. It also produces detailed financial reports that can be shared with your team, auditors, or investors. You can find more info on this topic here.

Inventory Shipping Spending Management

Monitor your expenditures on inventory and shipping with a dedicated card. Swipey’s dashboard provides a detailed view of your shipment costs, enabling you to discover saving opportunities and make strategic financial decisions.

Cost-Effective and Accepted Globally

Handle various currencies without worrying about high transaction fees and exchange complexities. Swipey simplifies international transactions, offering cost-effective solutions and timely automated payments, avoiding the pitfalls of fluctuating exchange rates and unexpected fees. Also, our combination of seamless payables management, both virtual and physical Swipey cards, ensures secure and efficient payments to suppliers and partners worldwide.

Enhanced Compliance

Adhere to international trade regulations with Swipey’s clear transaction records. This feature is vital for ensuring you have easy access to all the documentation needed for compliance, helping to avoid costly delays and penalties.

Receipt Capture and Management

Start by taking a quick picture of your receipt and then upload it directly to the Swipey dashboard. Don’t forget, you can also jot down some notes on it. Next, wave goodbye to the frantic search for receipts at book closing. With Swipey’s Fin-Butler, your receipt management becomes streamlined, guaranteeing you have all the essential documentation on hand for effortless record-keeping and stress-free audits.

Real-time Visibility

Instantly see where your money is going, from supplier payments to other costs. Swipey’s dashboard aggregates all your spending data in one place, allowing you to identify potential savings and make informed business decisions quickly.

Beyond Efficiency

Swipey not only streamlines routine tasks but also centralizes your financial data to offer valuable insights into your trade operations. You can analyze trends in supplier pricing, identify areas for negotiation, and monitor the overall costs of your goods. This data-driven approach enables you to refine your trade strategies and boost your profitability. What’s more? With Swipey, you’ll not only save time but also money. By reducing the need for manual data entry and eliminating the hassle of creating extensive spreadsheets, Swipey frees up your schedule to focus on critical tasks that drive your business forward.

Is Swipey Right for You?

Swipey is a valuable tool for import and export companies of all sizes. Whether you manage a few international suppliers or operate a large-scale trade network, Swipey can help you simplify your financial management, save significant time, and gain superior control over your trading costs.

What’s next?

If you’re involved in managing finances in international trade and looking to streamline your expense management, and save both time and money, start with Swipey. Click here to learn more about our pricing, or here to get registered, and discover how we can help your business reach new heights.

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