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Swipey Financing offers swift access to funds, bolstering your daily business operations by optimizing cash flow

Benefits of financing through Swipey

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Swift access to notable financing solutions

We streamline the search for top financing partners on a single platform, minimizing research and endless communication.

Keeping the process in one ecosystem

Easy management for disbursement and repayments all on Swipey’s platform.

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We work fast, so you get your funds faster

Get approved for financing in just one week!

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No major guarantee or collateral needed

Enabling easier participation without big commitments or risks.

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Disbursement of funds as quick as 48 hours*

*Subject to the type of financing solution

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There's more than one way to finance your growth

Term Financing

Think of it like a mortgage for your company—you get the funds you need now, and then you make regular payments until it’s all paid back.

Financing Amount



Origination Fee

Invoice Financing

If you have invoice that customers haven't paid yet, you can use it to get some of that money now instead of waiting. It's a way to speed up your cash flow.

Financing Amount



Origination Fee

Revenue-Based Financing

Get funding in exchange for a percentage of your future revenues. It’s a flexible option, especially if your income varies from month to month.

Financing Amount



Origination Fee

Note: Final rates and tenure depends on your company’s risk profile and the financing partner you are going for.

Eligibility & Required Documents

Skim through the eligibility criteria and the required documents to make sure your company is eligible to receive the grant, and get your documents ready for a smoother, faster application flow

Eligibility Criteria

Required Documents

All customers should ensure they have this prepared for our financing partner’s assessment before financing will be considered

For Sdn Bhd:

For Sole Proprietorship / Partnership:

Why get financed?

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Maintain healthy operations cash flow

The business stops for no one! Get the necessary funds to keep the ship afloat.

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Get paid ahead

Receive funds before your customer's repayment due date.

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Fuel Growth Plans

Get funds fast for inventory, hiring, or marketing and stay ahead of the competition.

Empower your business finances with Swipey today!

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Swipey is regulated by the Bank Negara Malaysia

In partnership with Fasspay & Visa

I’m sure you’ve got questions.​

Once your financing request has been approved, funds will be disbursed from our financing partner to your Swipey master account. You can then start to spend using Swipey’s virtual/physical corporate cards or even pay invoices through our Bill Payment module.

Repayment occurs on our Bill Payment module on your Swipey dashboard. Your will be prompted to make payment to your Financing Partner each month. Simply approve payment and funds will be deducted from the master account to the Financing Partner account.

No, you must be a Swipey user to receive the financing funds and to make repayment to the principle lender. For certain Financing Partners, you must also be an active customer of Swipey for at least 6 months.

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