Swipey for Accountants: Streamlining Finances for Enhanced Efficiency and Growth

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It’s no surprise that technology has taken us by storm, with things like robots and AI becoming more common. Some worry this means they will replace human jobs completely. But others see it differently – they’re just tools that can make life better, saving us time for other things. Think about Alex, the accountant in your office. Poor Alex must deal with loads of expenses and messy receipts, always chasing after the boss and colleagues to get things in order. But does he have to keep doing this? Not necessarily. Not so long ago, Rachel Grimes, President of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), said technology will actually help professions like accounting become more trusted advisors. She encouraged the profession to embrace new technologies or risk falling behind. Things have evolved a lot since then, and even in that context, it’s obvious that you have options that he should embrace!

For example, you could try Swipey.

How will Swipey help streamline and simplify the accounting and bookkeeping process, one might ask? There are so many ways, and today, we’re going to dive into the how, why, and what, of it all.

How Does Swipey’s Features Help with Accounting and Bookkeeping?

  • Different Cards, Different Expenses
Sometimes, even as individuals, we also struggle with managing expenses from a single card. So, imagine how people like Alex must feel every month – managing finances is their job! But with Swipey, everything changes. Each Swipey card that your business has can be assigned to different expenses like team lunches, client meetings, or software subscriptions. Also, whatever expense a card can handle can also be turned on and off by a little feature called Merchant Control. All these features work together effortlessly to manage business spend and minimize the workload for accountants.
  • Categorized Cards: Smooth, Organized Accounting
Closing the books becomes easier than ever with Swipey. Swipey syncs effortlessly with Excel, enabling direct export of transactions into your spreadsheets. This ensures you can manipulate and analyze your financial data using tools you already know, and you can also save a lot of effort and time with this handy feature.
  • Seamless Accounting Integration
Forget about manual report creation in Excel – Swipey syncs effortlessly with Excel, enabling direct export of transactions into your spreadsheets. This ensures you can manipulate and analyze your financial data using tools you already know, and you can also save a lot of effort and time with this handy feature!
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Tips and Tricks to Manage Finances
Spreadsheets and pie charts are cool, but sometimes it gets tedious and cumbersome to create, even for accountants. That’s where Swipey’s Dashboard comes in as a lifesaver. It provides accountants with quick insights into expenses, making it easy for them to keep track of spending. The dashboard shows where the most money was spent and helps you understand what to focus on later.
  • Collaboration with External Accountants of Bookkeepers
With the Bookkeeper Access feature, Swipey lets you easily share your financial data with your external accounting firms or bookkeepers. This means they can check out all the important numbers they need to help manage your business finances and in real-time. They can log in securely to Swipey without you having to send them anything separately. With this feature, you and your finance team can work together more smoothly – and at Swipey, collaboration is a priority. Ultimately, it makes sharing information faster and easier, and makes it easier for month-end closings, so everyone stays on the same page when it comes to managing your money and also becomes a more effective and productive team.

Why Should Accountants Consider Swipey?

  • Effortless Categorization of Expenses
Swipey simplifies the expense categorization process for accountants, allowing you to set each Swipey card to specific expense categories. This intuitive system gets rid of manual sorting and categorization, reducing data entry time and minimizing the risk of human errors – no need to worry about accidentally inputting the wrong figure and then having to figure out where a mistake was made.
  • Saves Time and Cost on Bookkeeping Services
Swipey supercharges the accounting process with features like accounting integration, speeding up the overall workflow by 5 times. This means you can save time and costs that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry and bookkeeping. And remember, saving time also means saving money, which helps which helps to reduce the overall expenses needed to keep businesses running smoothly. In fact, with Swipey, you could save 30 working days and over RM 36,000 annually.
  • Room for Client Base Growth and Additional Revenue Streams
The simplified process and efficient expense categorization enable accountants to handle more clients without significantly increasing their workload (phew). This means you can grow the client base without having to spend a lot more time on each client. This creates opportunities for generating extra income, as you can manage a larger number of clients in a more cost-efficient way.

What are The Benefits of Swipey for Businesses?

  • Easy-to-Adopt Solution: Makes Finance Management Easier
Swipey makes managing payments easy for businesses, offering access to advanced finance AI and corporate cards. Its user-friendly interface and simple processes make adopting Swipey a smooth experience. This is important because it means your business can modernize its financial operations without any hassle, allowing it to use powerful financial tools easily.
  • Improved Budgeting and Expense Control
Swipey improves budgeting and expense control with features like Spend Customization. This lets your business set controls on spending categories, stopping unnecessary or unauthorized expenses. This level of control is crucial for managing budgets, keeping finances in check, and wisely allocating resources, leading to better financial health. Swipey’s innovative solutions also help you to save up to RM12,000 yearly in banking fees, giving you more financial flexibility for growth.
  • Effortless Sharing and Speedier Financial Processes
With Swipey, businesses can quickly share detailed financial statements with their accountants or bookkeepers (hello, Bookkeeper Access), which speeds up book closures and provides real-time insights. This helps your business to make decisions faster and use finance data for growth which is important for if you are looking to use financial information for growth.

Ready to Dive into a Simplified Accounting Journey with Swipey?

There you have it – the how, the why, and the what. So, are you ready to level up your financial game now? Say goodbye to boring spreadsheets and hello to hassle-free money management – jump into the world of simplified accounting with Swipey!

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