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Image of a worker (for example, an accountant) who is sitting at her office desk with a happy smile on her face.
Future of Work

Swipey for Accountants: Streamlining Finances for Enhanced Efficiency and Growth

It’s no surprise that technology has taken us by storm, with things like robots and AI becoming more common. Some worry this means they will replace human jobs completely. But others see it differently – they’re just tools that can make life better, saving us time for other things. Think

Swipey's virtual corporate prepaid cards make remote work easier, anytime, anywhere.
Future of Work

Enhance Remote Work with Virtual Corporate Prepaid Cards

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need to be prepared for anything unexpected that comes our way and that we need to be as adaptable as ever – just think about all the businesses that had to completely change their strategies to the digital world. In

The Ultimate Financial Partner for Fleet Companies - Swipey

Why Fleet Businesses from Trucking to Taxis need Swipey in their Pocket

If you’re in the business of wheels, wings, or waves, there’s a good chance you’ve got a fleet to manage. And whether you’re coordinating long-haul truck deliveries or ensuring the local school buses run on time, you know that fleet management is no walk in the park. Enter: Swipey. With


Expense Claim Form for Malaysian SMEs – Free Template Inside

As a young small or medium enterprise (SME) in Malaysia, you may be wondering what expense claims are and why they are important for your business. Expense claims refer to the costs incurred by your employees while carrying out their job responsibilities, which the company will reimburse. These expenses can


Increase Productivity in Marketing Agencies with Swipey

Finance has always been known as a complex, diverse aspect of a business that may be difficult to handle. People working in marketing agencies are highly conscious that increasing productivity and efficiency contributes to profit. With the rapid growth in technology and fierce competition, these could be challenging times for


Virtual Cards : The Next Big Thing for Businesses

We’re often asked, what exactly is a virtual card for business? Many business leaders have experience with virtual payment methods, but they’re still discovering the benefits of having a virtual card for business finances. For a start, virtual cards have existed for a long time. In some sectors like travel,

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