Financial Management for Marketing Agencies: Streamlining with Swipey

Streamlining finances for marketing agencies - ad tracking, subscription management, expenses, and security.


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In today’s digital marketing landscape, financial management for marketing agencies poses varied challenges. The complexities of overseeing multiple ad campaigns, online tool subscriptions, expense reimbursements, and security concerns demand a specialized approach.
Who could agree more with this headache than marketing agencies?

Enter Swipey – the ultimate financial solution that addresses marketing agencies’ unique financial management needs.

Challenges in Financial Management for Marketing Agencies

Managing Multiple Ad Campaigns

Marketing agencies maneuver across various ad platforms such as Meta, Google, TikTok, and LinkedIn, handling campaigns for multiple clients.

However, tracking individual client expenditures amidst diverse campaigns is a Herculean task. But wait, how about tracking via the banking portal? Well, net banking portals lack specificity, making it challenging to segregate costs per client campaign.

SaaS Subscriptions Management

With various services offered, marketing agencies subscribe to numerous online tools for CRM, SEO, web development, email marketing, and more. Juggling budgets, making payments, and tracking actual expenditures for these tools add layers of complexity to financial management for marketing agencies.

Cumbersome Expense Reimbursements

Field executives often incur business-related expenses that need reimbursement – meals, petrol, parking, entertainment, and more. Managing countless physical receipts for reimbursement is an operational bottleneck for the finance team.

Security Risks with Sole Credit Card Usage

Dependence on a single credit card for transactions exposes marketing agencies to potential security breaches and compromises. A breach of the business’ credit card could bring the whole business operations to a halt until a replacement can be issued by the bank!

How Swipey Streamlines Financial Management for Marketing Agencies

Individualized Cards for Ad Management

Swipey’s individualized virtual cards enable agencies to allocate specific cards to different ad platforms for each client. All you need to do is – assign one card to each ad channel, for every client. That’s it? YES!
By doing this, marketing agencies can save a huge amount of time that would otherwise be used for bank reconciliation. This segmentation facilitates accurate measurement of campaign costs for each advertising channel, for every client, optimizing strategies efficiently.

Enhanced Expense Management Dashboard

Swipey’s Expense Management Dashboard offers real-time oversight, giving finance teams better control and visibility. It precisely segregates and tracks expenses for individual client ad campaigns and employee expenditures.
Empowering marketing agencies with detailed expenditure breakdowns. The best part? Now, marketing agencies can optimize client campaigns and internal costs effectively with this data!

Simplified SaaS Subscription Management

Tired of juggling multiple banking platforms for SaaS payments? Swipey introduces a seamless way to handle SaaS subscriptions hassle-free. Swipey allows the creation of dedicated virtual cards for each subscription. Keep your subscription payments distinct, effortlessly monitoring and managing expenses for every tool or service.
Ever faced unexpected charges from trial subscriptions? Safeguard the funds by allocating a trial-specific virtual card without any balance. You can maintain control during trial periods, thus, preventing surprise deductions for services intended to be canceled.

Streamlined Receipt Management

Say goodbye to tedious reimbursement procedures with Swipey’s effortless receipt-keeping. Empower your team with personalized virtual and physical cards, alongside a user-friendly mobile app.
Snap and instantly upload receipts directly to transactions, eliminating manual claim submissions. Save valuable time for your finance team by bypassing lengthy reimbursement processes.

Effortless Bill Payment

Let’s say your marketing agency wrapped up an exhilarating collaboration with a top-tier design studio for a client’s branding campaign. As soon as the project concludes, an invoice lands in your mailbox.
Instead of wrestling with manual processing, Swipey steps in as your assistant wizard! Tadaa! With a few taps, schedule and automate the payment to the design studio hassle-free. The invoice gets settled seamlessly, keeping your collaborations smooth and maintaining the creative sparks alive without any financial fuss.

Robust Security Measures

Swipey’s robust security features protect marketing agencies from potential fraud. The ability to segregate your spending into unlimited different cards and being able to freeze and reactivate cards instantaneously within Swipey’s apps ensures prompt responses to compromised cards, securing transactions and financial integrity.

Success Story: INVOKE Malaysia

INVOKE, a leader in marketing agency overcame productivity losses by leveraging Swipey’s solutions. Swipey streamlined expense segregation, reducing procedural loads and enhancing financial strategies.

Essential Financial Management for Marketing Agencies

Swipey emerges as the indispensable tool empowering marketing agencies to navigate complex financial management. Its tailored solutions optimize expense management, streamline operations, ensure transparency, and fortify security measures. In the digital realm where precision and control are paramount, Swipey stands tall as the compass guiding marketing agencies toward financial success.

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