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The Ultimate Financial Partner for Fleet Companies - Swipey

Why Fleet Businesses from Trucking to Taxis need Swipey in their Pocket

If you’re in the business of wheels, wings, or waves, there’s a good chance you’ve got a fleet to manage. And whether you’re coordinating long-haul truck deliveries or ensuring the local school buses run on time, you know that fleet management is no walk in the park. Enter: Swipey. With

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation: How Will Endemicity Affect The Future Of Business?

Endemicity and the Future of Business Two years ago, relatively few executives considered competencies in digital transformation as critically important to their business. Today, however, top executives tell a different tale.  Research from the IBM Institute of Business Value shows that businesses have realized the importance of adapting to digital


Month End Closing : 3 Important Tips To Save Time & Money

It’s that time of the month again A troublesome, tedious process that finance teams go through the last week of every operating month is conducting the month end closing. Typically, this tough task relies on a number of people and a complex process that makes closing monthly accounts a lengthy

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