Enhance Remote Work with Virtual Corporate Prepaid Cards

Swipey's virtual corporate prepaid cards make remote work easier, anytime, anywhere.


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If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need to be prepared for anything unexpected that comes our way and that we need to be as adaptable as ever – just think about all the businesses that had to completely change their strategies to the digital world. In the wake of this, and the surge of remote workforces, businesses are seeking easier and better solutions to streamline their work, including managing finances. Among all these solutions available, virtual corporate prepaid cards have become a game-changer. Let’s explore why Swipey’s – sorry, virtual corporate prepaid cards in general are the ultimate solution for making remote work a breeze (yes, you see what we did there).

Skip The Hassle: Instant Issuance and Timesaver

One place we absolutely dislike going to is – cue drumroll – the bank. We believe it’s a universal sentiment, and for good reason. Traditional banking procedures for issuing corporate debit or credit cards can be time-consuming, and sometimes, luck doesn’t really come through either. But the good news is that there’s a way around it. A huge advantage of Swipey’s corporate prepaid cards is that you don’t have to step foot in the bank! Instant issuance is key, with just a few clicks, anytime, anywhere. This also eliminates the need for traveling back and forth, as well as any paperwork. Plus, you can get rid of the time-consuming task of searching for receipts and manually processing claims once and for all. Simply upload a snapshot of your receipts, and Swipey will take care of the rest!

Top-notch Security Features

For some old-school businesses, online money stuff can seem sketchy, especially with all those cyber threats lurking around in remote work setups. But hey, Swipey’s virtual corporate prepaid cards come with enhanced security features and you can also create cards for one-time use or for specific merchants. This actually reduces the risk of fraud and unauthorized transactions. Plus, because they’re prepaid, businesses can load up just the right amount of money, so there’s less chance of losing everything at once. These cards give remote workers peace of mind, knowing their money is safe and sound.

Simplified Expense Tracking and Control

Keeping track of expenses is super important for maintaining transparency and accountability within remote teams. Swipey’s virtual corporate prepaid cards make it easy-peasy to stay on top of spending. With handy platforms and user-friendly dashboards (like ours), admins can set spending limits, sort expenses and track transactions in real-time. This means you’ll have a clear view of where the money’s going and can make quick decisions based on real numbers. Admins can also control and set limits to adhere to the budget. This not only helps remote teams stay financially responsible but also boosts cost management strategies.

What’s the Verdict?

To sum it up, it’s easy to see that virtual corporate prepaid cards offer numerous benefits and are a must-have for today’s remote workforces – we’re talking quick setup, top-notch security, and straightforward expense tracking.

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