Swipey: Transforming Financial Management Across Various Industries

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In the world of finance and technology, it’s important to understand the dynamics of expense management for businesses across various industries. So, in this article, we’ll take a look at how some of Swipey’s top users are taking advantage of Swipey’s values and benefits. We’ll go beyond simple facts to highlight the common challenges they face, showcasing how Swipey transforms the way they handle their money.

1. Information Technology πŸ–₯️

Challenges Encountered

  • Obtaining a corporate card from the bank involves a lot of paperwork.
  • The process itself is time-consuming.
  • Ensuring timely payments to all parties involved in the business.
  • Implementing spending limits.

How Swipey Helps

  • Swipey cards don’t require a lot of paperwork.
  • Swipey virtual cards are available instantly – it’s that simple.
  • IT companies often use separate cards for recurring cloud service subscriptions (SaaS), and they can pay vendors and contractors for services like web hosting, development tools, and copywriting.
  • Swipey helps pay invoices to vendors, utilities, and suppliers on time by getting rid of manual payments to make the process faster and automated, ensuring no interruption of services.
  • These companies can set spending limits on each card to control costs and prevent overspending. Thus, they can manage their funds better and see where it’s going more clearly.
  • Swipey cards remove the risks of credit cards, like unexpected interest fees, by providing corporate debit cards. This is a big plus that many users say really helps with managing money.
  • To avoid charges when testing new tech platforms during a trial period, you can use a virtual card with no funds for subscriptions.

2. e-Commerce Companies πŸ›’

Challenges Encountered

The e-commerce industry has really taken off. Companies like Shopee and Lazada are growing fast, but they’re also running into some problems with payment methods and expense consolidation. Some of these issues are:
  • Manual data entry and bookkeeping.
  • Integration with existing accounting systems.
  • Potential security concerns related to automated payments and multiple card assignments.

How Swipey Helps

  • Eliminates manual data entry.
  • Offers features like statements and accounting integration for generating detailed reports and sharable links.
  • Gives more visibility into spending through the dashboard.
  • Allows assigning different Swipey cards for online subscriptions, logistics platforms, and ads, enhancing financial transparency and streamlining payment processes.
  • Facilitates automated payments for vendor, supplier, and employee payments, ensuring timely payments and organized finances.
  • Includes receipt management feature and inventory tracking capabilities to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Enables companies to leverage the multi-card feature for better expense control and prevention of overspending or unauthorized transactions.
  • Swipey simplifies working with contractors and freelancers by providing physical or virtual cards, eliminating complicated reimbursement processes.
  • Use a Swipey card to buy inventory – it helps you track your spending on goods you sell. This clear link between costs and inventory simplifies profit analysis and smarter buying choices.
  • Companies sometimes struggle with high payment fees when dealing with different currencies. Swipey makes these transactions cost-effective and easy, taking care of currency exchange without the stress of dealing with fluctuating foreign exchange rates or fees, and making sure payments are on time.

Ultimately, Swipey gives companies in this industry a whole lot of control and customization options for the smoother running of their businesses. For more information on how Swipey helps to boost e-commerce businesses, you can read our article here.

3. Professional Services πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Challenges Encountered

Companies that provide professional services (such as consulting or auditing) often face challenges such as:
  • Getting cards for travel and dealing with high foreign exchange rates in another country.
  • Challenges in managing digital subscriptions and splitting costs by customer and services provided.

How Swipey Helps

  • Handles various currencies and manages currency conversions steadily for cross-border transactions.
  • Boosts customer success by giving individual Swipey cards to staff and teams who often handle transactions.
  • No more shared cards or chasing OTPs from the boss – meaning work can get done faster. Check out why we think individual cards are the better alternative here.
  • Segments expenses for each client, which simplifies billing them for engagement costs as one card contains all the information for that client.
  • All team members’ client expenses are separated and linked to that employee, always.


In conclusion, Swipey is all about revolutionizing various industries by boosting efficiency and effectiveness. It addresses everyday financial challenges and enhances money management for businesses worldwide. With simpler payments, improved expense tracking, and clear financial insights, Swipey enables users to make smarter decisions about their finances.

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