Individual Cards: A Headache-free Alternative to Shared Corporate Cards


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Being part of a business, regardless of its size, involves numerous expenses. At times, you may need to spend on behalf of the business. This could involve simple tasks like treating a client to lunch, funding a marketing campaign, or traveling abroad for meetings, among other things. Often, you’re left with just one company-sponsored corporate card. Then again, you may find yourself covering expenses out of your own pocket due to card unavailability. Let’s admit it; we’ve all been in those situations. In this article, we will delve into the challenges of shared corporate cards and explore why individual cards for employees or specific departments offer a better solution.

What Are Some Specific Problems That Arise With Shared Corporate Cards?

To begin with, what is a corporate card? Put simply, a corporate card simplifies spending for employees by allowing them to make purchases on behalf of the business without using their own funds and waiting for reimbursements. It facilitates easy tracking of expenses, as spending details can be accessed directly from the card.

On the flip side, navigating the world of shared corporate cards often feels like a constant chase, with cards easily misplaced and projects delayed as a result. Imagine scrambling to find the card for a critical payment or repeatedly needing OTPs just to make a purchase. This reliance on shared cards also leads to awkward client encounters, where the inability to pay due to missing cards or insufficient funds tarnishes professional interactions. Meanwhile, dealing with messy receipts and reimbursements only adds to the administrative headache, as deciphering handwritten notes becomes a time-consuming nightmare. Moreover, the blurred lines between business and personal expenses with shared cards can lead to confusion and conflict among colleagues. And let’s not forget the frustration of project delays caused by the absence of the company card, halting campaigns and creating bottlenecks.

Why Make the Switch to Individual Cards?

Firstly, time is on your side with individual cards for employees, allowing prompt purchases without the hassle of tracking down elusive cards or waiting for approvals. Say goodbye to awkward fumbles during client meetings – individual cards ensure seamless business transactions, maintaining your professional image. Plus, expedited reimbursements become a reality with Swipey, eliminating worries over lost receipts. Moreover, individual cards instill accountability and empowerment, as users gain insight into spending limits and card purposes, promoting responsible financial habits.


In conclusion, shared corporate cards can indeed be a productivity killer, leading to a myriad of challenges and frustrations for employees. However, there is a modern and solution to this problem: individual cards by Swipey. By making the switch, businesses can streamline expense management, enhance professionalism, and ensure seamless project execution. So, why stick with the shared company card struggle when you can opt for the efficiency and convenience of Swipey cards? Make the switch today and navigate business expenses with ease, confidence, less headaches and less paperwork.

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