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Ever had that moment during a business trip when you can’t remember where you kept the lunch receipt? Or felt the anxiety of your corporate credit card being compromised in a foreign country? Enter Swipey – the ultimate solution for every business traveller. It’s not just about spending; it’s about spending smart, safe, and simple.

Accepted Globally with Great Rates

Wherever you’re jetting off to, Swipey’s got your back. With both physical and virtual cards that are accepted wherever VISA is, you can pay with peace of mind. And say goodbye to those exorbitant foreign transaction fees – Swipey offers attractive FX rates, making sure your money goes the distance. Whether you’re a tech company attending a global industry event or an enterprise sealing a deal across borders, Swipey is your perfect travel companion.

Effortless Expense Tracking

Say goodbye to faded and lost receipts! With Swipey’s Receipt Capture, log your expenses on the go. Just enjoyed a client dinner in Paris or took an e-hailing ride in Seoul? Link your Swipey Card to apps like Grab, and watch your business travel expenses get auto-captured . For businesses, this means real-time transparency and an end-of-month reconciliation that feels less like a mountainous chore and more like a walk in the park.

Security You Can Trust

Swiping in a new city should be thrilling, not threatening. And with Swipey’s VISA-powered prepaid cards, you’ve got security right in your pocket. Did your card take an unauthorized adventure? Freeze it with a tap through the Swipey app. And since it’s prepaid, your exposure is limited to what you’ve loaded onto that specific card. Safety first, always.

Unparalleled Flexibility for Teams

Business travels aren’t always solo. Often, it’s a team affair. With Swipey, companies can easily issue cards to all their staff, ensuring everyone has access to funds when they need them. No more cumbersome shared credit cards or risky cash handouts. Plus, with Swipey’s spend control features, companies can have peace of mind knowing there are zero chances of unauthorized spending.

Swipey is the pioneer in offering not just a global spending card but a holistic expense management solution. As the first in the market, we’re proud to redefine what it means to manage and optimize business finances seamlessly. From tech giants to transportation tycoons, businesses across industries are discovering the Swipey difference. Let’s make sure your corporate travel isn’t just about getting from point A to B, but doing so with efficiency, safety, and a whole lot of smarts. Dive into the ultimate corporate travel experience – with Swipey.

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