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Ever felt like managing expenses is like trying to herd cats? We’ve been there, done that, and even got the T-shirt. I hope you didn’t get a headache thinking about your last adventure with manual finance paperwork. But guess what? In the vast realm of financial management, maintaining clear visibility and control over expenses is paramount. Enter: Swipey’s Multi Card feature. Here’s why this feature should be on your radar.

Multi-What Now?

Let’s break it down. Swipey’s Multi Card feature lets you, the superstar at the helm of your business, issue multiple Visa cards to a single user. This is all about separating spends by category, merchant, or purpose. Imagine the convenience of managing finances like you organize your files – neatly labeled and categorized. Think of it like having different wallets for different occasions, only 10 times cooler and digital.

Swipey Cards: As Unique As Your Business Needs

Swipey Virtual and Physical Corporate VISA Cards
Got a marketing team that buys ads like they’re going out of fashion? Or a sales team traveling so much that you’re not sure which time zone they’re in? Swipey’s got your back!
  1. By Department: Whether it’s for Marketing, Sales, or Finance, each can have its own card, ensuring that departmental expenses are neatly wrapped in their own financial silo.
  2. By Expenses: Travel, Petrol, SaaS subscriptions; each can have its own designated card. This way, you’re not just tracking expenses, you’re compartmentalizing them, making them easier to manage and analyze.
  3. By Key Account: Project A, Customer B, or Client Z – each can have their own dedicated card. Especially useful when billing clients or managing project-based expenses.
  4. By Online Tools: In today’s digital business landscape, subscriptions form a considerable chunk of operational costs. By having dedicated cards for platforms like AWS, Canva, and Trello, companies can efficiently monitor and manage their digital tool expenditures. It’s like having a specialized key for every crucial online door you frequently access.
And the pièce de résistance? These cards can be physical (looking snazzy in dark blue) or virtual (sporting a sleek light green). Whatever floats your boat!

Spend Customization: Mastering the Game Like Pokémon Masters

Remember those PokĂ©mon cards you treasured as a kid? Each card had its strengths, optimized to battle against certain adversaries, and the more cards you had, the better. Much like picking the right PokĂ©mon card against the right opponent, Swipey’s Spend Customization lets you tailor each card for specific expenditures.

By having the ability to toggle on or off particular spending categories, you can ensure each ‘card’ (pun intended!) is used optimally against the ‘expense foe’ it’s best suited for. Want to banish ATM withdrawals or petrol spends on some cards? Swipey’s your genie! From Fuel and Petrol to E-Wallets, the power is literally at your fingertips.
Spend Customization Control by Swipey

Case Study: Content Nation & Swipey’s Multi Card Feature

The Challenge: 

Content Nation, like many businesses, faced the challenge of maintaining strict financial controls across diverse client accounts. Manual financial tracking often led to blurred lines between different accounts, and unexpected security breaches threatened to grind operations to a halt. 

Losh, ContentNation’s COO, paints a vivid picture: the company’s one-and-only traditional credit card got compromised and jeopardized their whole business operations, from Digital Ads for their clients, to all essential business subscriptions. The consequent 4-day wait for a replacement card saw the whole company come to to a halt. 

This, in turn, got ops team scrambling, resorting to personal cards, which in turn lead to more problems, a complex maze of reimbursements and financial disarray. Having to compile bank statements from multiple directors in order to map out all the transactions, which took forever to make sense of everything.

The Solution:

To combat these challenges, Content Nation embraced Swipey’s Multi Card feature, creating dedicated Visa cards for every client, every team member, online subscription and cost center. Ali, from Content Nation, comments, “By assigning unique Swipey Corporate Visa cards to each client, we were able to enforce budgeting rules and enhance spend visibility effortlessly. We’ve reduced the time it takes to close our books by at least 5 times!” 

The flexibility of Swipey’s Multi Card also meant immediate responses to unforeseen complications: “In case of a compromised card, we can freeze it instantly and issue a new one within seconds” Losh adds. 

The Impact:

The results were transformative. Not only did the Multi Card feature streamline budgeting, but it also provided a robust shield against potential financial pitfalls. For the Finance Team at Content Nation, the benefits extended even further. The Finance Lead notes, “Linking each card to a GL account or customer in Quickbooks has significantly expedited our book closing process, enabling rapid analysis and deeper insights into client expenditure.

Ready to Up Your Game?

If you’re looking to streamline, customize, and simply rock your business’s financial operations, Swipey’s Multi Card is the way to go. Ready to harness its power? Sign up for Swipey’s Growth or Plus plans and bring your A-game to market..
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