Protect Your Finances Using the Freeze or Clawback Function

Two people holding cell phones with a VISA card in the middle (on the top). The text on the credit card says "Swipey 3952 VISA" and the image says "Protect your funds using FREEZE or CLAWBACK!" The image is about how to protect your finances using these features.


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Providing employees with financial responsibilities can sometimes lead to unintended consequences. Whether it’s managing a shared corporate card or handling petty cash, there’s always a risk of misplacement or inappropriate spending unrelated to the business. In such situations, there’s a clear need for a solution that provides greater control and security to protect your finances. With that said, let’s take a look at how Swipey can help.

Enter Swipey VISA Cards

What exactly are Swipey VISA cards? They’re VISA-powered prepaid cards tailored for modern businesses and corporations, designed to tackle pressing concerns, including the one mentioned above. Swipey’s VISA cards come in two convenient forms: virtual and physical, each offering unique benefits.

With Swipey, you can reduce worries about sharing corporate cards and completely eliminate the necessity for petty cash. Assigning individual cards to employees or specific departments provides the main account holder (or admin) with a significant advantage in efficiently managing expenses. Among these benefits are the Freeze and Clawback functions – let’s delve into these further.

What is the Freeze function?

The Freeze function serves as a protective barrier, temporarily locking funds within the designated card until the admin unfreezes it. This effectively prevents misuse or unauthorized spending, particularly in cases of theft or fraud. Compromised cards can be promptly frozen via either the dashboard or mobile app.

What is the Clawback function?

Meanwhile, Clawback offers a distinctive capability, enabling admins to reclaim and reallocate funds as necessary. This flexibility proves invaluable in emergencies, allowing for efficient redistribution of funds – for example, transferring surplus funds from a Facebook ads card to a Canva subscription card with a low balance.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take control of and protect your finances effortlessly by signing up for Swipey today. Experience the convenience, security, and confidence of managing your finances firsthand.

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