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Automate your financial ops with Swipey so that you can focus your time to grow your business.

Swipey is regulated by the Bank Negara Malaysia

In partnership with Fasspay & Visa

A better way to manage your financial ops

Nothing should get in the way of you growing your business.

With Swipey’s expense management dashboard and VISA-powered corporate prepaid card, we’ll help you to automate your financial ops. You can then focus on building your business.

Swipey's Commitment to the Malaysian Bar

Swipey and Malaysian Bar (MB) have come together to offer MIA's members an exclusive 10% discount off Swipey's paid plans. Here's your chance to automate your business to the next level.

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Get your MB x Swipey Deal and enjoy 10% off your first year's subscription to Swipey's expense management dashboard, virtual and physical VISA cards.

Enjoy the following benefits with Swipey!

Save time by automating financial ops​

Manage claims, cashflow, and corporate prepaid cards via centralised web dashboard and mobile app.

Personalise company cards for different purposes

Assign dedicated cards for employees, subscriptions, and vendors for fast tracking.

Get started with Swipey today!

Get your first 2 cards at no cost.

Get started with Swipey today!

Get your first 2 cards at no cost.

Get started with Swipey today!

Get your first 2 cards at no cost.

Trusted by multiple SMEs for fast and easy expense management payment solution

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Swipey is a financial operating system that helps modern businesses manage expense tracking so they can make smarter spending decisions. Team members get to spend with a Swipey prepaid corporate card to make work-related purchases and admins can see in real-time where the company’s money is going.

Absolutely! Swipey is built for SMEs, start-ups, gig workers and even individuals who have a budding home business. Book a demo and one of our team can talk about your specific situation and how we can help.

Swipey issues prepaid virtual cards once you’ve completed sign up. You’ll get to access it on the app to view your card details. and to transfer funds that the company will be spending. Payment can be made for online purchases and subscriptions. You may get physical Swipey cards when you subscribe to our paid plans. These cards are for retail purchases made on-the-go.

You can issue multiple cards, set spending limits, freeze cards and even customize your spend categories. 

Click on the Get Started button above to begin registration (the process takes 5-7 minutes). For SMEs, start-ups and companies, you’ll need to prepare business documents for verification.

Getting started with Swipey is absolutely free! We also offer monthly subscription plans for different business sizes and for the addition of physical Swipey cards. Visit our pricing page for more details.

Swipey was founded in Malaysia in 2021 by Mohan and Rouvin. Mohan comes with 14 years of financial operations experience in GE while Rouvin’s extensive experience at CIMB has helped shape what the product is today.  The founders are serial

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