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Value, Time and Money: 3 Components That Will Make Or Break Your Business


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What is value?

The age-old question that every business owner and entrepreneur faces is, “What value can you deliver? “. To answer, you must first decide what does the term value mean to you? When prompted, most minds fixate on one of two things.

The Importance of Saving Time To Make More Money

The first is money, which should not come as a surprise. Why? Because almost everything is assigned a value in the form of money. You don’t pay for a brand-new car or your medical expenses with hard work and efficiency. You pay for it with money.

The second thing that comes to mind, is time. Similarly, this shall not come as such a shocker as the folk wisdom goes, “Time is money “. Wall Street and Silicon Valley popularized this saying, due to their belief that saving time is synonymous with saving money. The rationalization behind this is that time is better spent trying to make more money.

Ordinarily, when running a business, you find yourself spending large amounts of time on repetitive, mundane tasks that do not contribute significant value to your company. However, these tasks are inevitable and mandatory in nature. If you’re an employee, a business owner, or an aspiring entrepreneur, this problem is yours to face as well.

How Swipey Helps Businesses Save Time

Now let us take a closer look at more developed economies, using the United States, China, and Hong Kong for example. There has long been a solution that exists out there to tackle everyday business processes with increased efficiency. These solutions have been in the market for some years now, and encompass all, such as managing expenses, consolidating accounts, making payroll, processing claims, and many more!

Now, many regional tech companies are mushrooming, providing affordable solutions much closer to home. Swipey being one of them is your one-stop expense management tool. Reimagining and restructuring the approach that businesses take when dealing with expenses.

Swipey is able to manage your finances more efficiently by tracking your expenses through the issuance of physical or virtual cards backed by Visa. With our analytics software, you get increased visibility of all expenses and are charged a lower FX rate on international spending as compared to bank cards.

Fraudulent transactions can now be avoided by setting a limit to each card. Virtual cards can also be issued on a case-by-case basis, with the added feature of being dissolvable after usage. Save time by automating recurring payments through Swipey, either via the card or invoice management.

To take it a step further, we want to empower businesses by letting you subscribe to other software tools through our platform. You will be able to browse, sign on to other software providers and enjoy lucrative discounts when payment is made using a Swipey card!

Complete Solution For All Your Business Finance Needs

Imagine a world where your job is making and selling orange juice. Currently, you squeeze the oranges manually, which takes up a lot of time. In comes Swipey! What if we gave you a card and direct you to an Ikea. We propose you top up the card, browse Ikea and enjoy discounts when making a purchase, in this case, a blender. Would you take us up on the offer?

What if you were busy and needed an employee to buy the blender? What if you need to regularly pay your suppliers on the 20th of every month for the oranges? What if your suppliers are not local, and you need to make an international payment? Swipey proposes solutions for all these problems faced

We create a win-win situation for all parties by ensuring that our partners gain more exposure and our customers have a wide array of solutions to benefit from. Interested in our solutions? Click here to sign up for our waiting list and enjoy a free 1st-year subscription.

Interested to join as a partner? Email us at hi@swipey.co.

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