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Ever felt like managing your business finances is like a never-ending game of Whack-A-Mole? It’s not just you! Financial operations are notorious for being complicated, stressful, and downright daunting. But hang in there, because Swipey is here to level up your financial game. Think of it as the secret power-up you’ve been looking for!

Once Upon a Time: The ‘Not-So-Fun’ Finances

Not so fun Finances, Before vs After Swipey

In the not-so-distant past, financial management meant maintaining ledgers filled with scribbles of countless transactions, dealing with stacks of receipts, wrestling with several (personal) credit cards, and the constant fear of employee overspending. Sounds familiar, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be your reality anymore!

Swipey is like that cheat code you’ve been waiting for to ace your financial game. It’s that game option that takes the difficulty level of managing your day-to-day finances, and replaces ‘dreadfully hard’ with ‘easy’. Let’s take a look at how Swipey turns the tables in your favor.

3 Power-Ups

Level Up Your Finances, 3 Power Ups with Swipey


1. Unlimited Corporate Cards

Imagine a life where you don’t have to fret about using your personal credit cards for business transactions. That’s exactly what Swipey offers with unlimited corporate Visa cards. It’s like having an infinite supply of coins in a game, minus the risk of overspending or spending your own!

But the real game-changer here is the power to control spend categories and set spending limits for each of these cards. You set the rules of the game. This means you can allocate a specific budget for marketing expenses, a different one for client entertainment, and yet another for your IT subscriptions. Each card’s spending is kept within its limit, ensuring no surprise overspends.

Picture this: unlimited corporate cards for your teams, individual employees, client expenses for each and every client, and even for managing online subscriptions. Imagine having a personalized card for each specific need. Now, isn’t that more organized?

2. Automatic Bill Payments

Ever had to pay a late fee because you simply forgot about a bill? It’s like missing that extra life at the last second in a game! With Swipey, this never happens. Your bills are automatically paid when they’re due, giving you more time to focus on scoring business goals.

3. Easy-Peasy Expense Management

Managing expenses in a traditional business setting can feel like trying to remember every move in a complex game combo – an overwhelming and often unproductive endeavor. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Swipey not only offers real-time transaction updates but takes this several steps further with an array of customizable controls.
Suddenly, you’re not just remembering the game combo – you’re setting it up! Each move (read: transaction) is precisely where it should be. Your financial dashboard isn’t just clear; it’s custom-fit to your business needs.

Security You Can Trust

In the world of finance, security is like the super-shield power-up of a game. Swipey ensures every transaction you make is protected, so you can focus on playing your business game without any worry.

Let’s Make Finances Fun Again!

Why let finance be the final boss that’s tough to beat when you can have Swipey on your team? It’s about time we said goodbye to the complex world of traditional finance management and hello to a simplified, stress-free way of handling money. With Swipey, finance is no longer a game you dread, but one you look forward to! 

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