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Image showing text which reads "Say hello to digital petty cash with Swipey" and an illustration on the right which shows a man holding a big wallet and money pouring down from it into the phone - signifying an eWallet or digital petty cash.

Hello Digital Petty Cash, Goodbye Cash Advances

Are you grappling with the challenges of managing petty cash transactions, drowning in a pile of paper receipts, and struggling with time-consuming manual processes? Swipey alleviates these burdens and empowers your team to operate more efficiently and effectively with digital petty cash! Picture this scenario Sara, the marketing head at

Image saying Tips & Tricks for remote teams with an illustration of a girl sitting with a laptop at home to show remote work.
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9 Tips to Improve Productivity Among Remote Teams

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the move to remote work, pushing businesses to go digital. FinOps tools played a key role in this shift, helping finance teams stay effective despite being physically apart. Even after the pandemic, the advantages of remote work remain clear. As remote work continues, FinOps tools, like

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8 Swipey Hacks to Unleash Business Growth

We all strive to maximize our productivity and efficiency. However, it can sometimes feel like a burdensome task, leading us to search for clever shortcuts. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a “hack” to make it effortless? That’s the thinking behind Swipey – we’re all about making financial operations

How to Streamline Business Bill Payments with Swipey

Many businesses dread the monthly task of handling bill payments. Finance teams across different industries face challenges like manual data entry, missed payments, and late fees, all of which slow down processes and drain resources. Fortunately, Swipey offers a comprehensive solution to streamline bill payments, providing businesses with a user-friendly

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Revolutionize Your Bookkeeping with Swipey

Imagine this scenario: You’ve just wrapped up a successful month for your business. Sales are booming, projects are on track, and you’re feeling optimistic about the future. However, a dark cloud appears on the horizon – bookkeeping. Every business transaction turns a flimsy receipt into crucial evidence. These receipts, whether


Optimizing Expense Management for International Trade

Managing finances in international trade is a complex yet crucial task. Both importers and exporters face distinctive challenges, such as juggling international payments, tracking cross-border expenditures, and staying compliant with global trade regulations. Swipey offers a digital expense management solution specifically designed to simplify these processes for importers and exporters.

Image with text on the left that says "What does the technology, ecommerce and professional services industry have in common?" with the Swipey logo on the bottom. The right side of the image has icons/vectors of these 3 industries.

Swipey: Transforming Financial Management Across Various Industries

In the world of finance and technology, it’s important to understand the dynamics of expense management for businesses across various industries. So, in this article, we’ll take a look at how some of Swipey’s top users are taking advantage of Swipey’s values and benefits. We’ll go beyond simple facts to

Close-up of a hand holding a phone with a shopping basket app open. There are coins around the phone. Text on the screen says “Sswipey, Your ultimate e-Commerce financial partner”.

E-commerce Finance Revolutionized: How Swipey Transforms Your Online Business

In the busy world of e-commerce and online shopping, effective money management is key to doing well. Swipey comes in as a game-changing tool that meets the unique financial demands of online stores. It’s more than just handling sales and purchases; it’s about improving them to boost your online business.

Swipey logo on the top left. PDF and XLS sheet icons below the logo, with a receipt. Text saying Swipey Statements on the right, with subtext saying detailed reports and sharable links.
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Simplify and Elevate Your Business Insights with Swipey Statements

Have you ever felt like you’re spending too much time wrestling with pie charts and spreadsheets? Dealing with a constant flow of data, especially when handling numerous receipts and manually entering information, can be stressful and time-consuming. Fortunately, technology is advancing rapidly, seamlessly integrating with various fields like finance management.

Image showing Swipey Dashboard (Merchant Control settings) and illustrations of Swipey Cards with two faces and coins around it in a teal background. The text says "Quick dive into Swipey's Merchant Control."
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A Quick Dive into Swipey’s Merchant Control

In today’s fast-paced world, mastering financial management is crucial, leading to the creation of various platforms, tools, and apps to simplify life for everyone. Amidst this, Swipey offers a range of functions, providing users with a smart platform to navigate their finances with confidence. Among these, let’s delve into Merchant

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