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Home to problem solvers, innovators and thinkers, the team at Swipey is all-in to empower the next generation of businesses by first empowering our people at work. We’re committed to our values to make sure we grow together and reimagine your potential with us. If you’re in for the ride, this could be a fun one for you.


Our Values

Be part of something big

Customer Obsessed We are a friend & concierge for our customers. We look for ways to improve their experience with, going the extra step to understand their needs​.
Teamwork We communicate openly while actively listening to one another. We leverage each other's skills and knowledge. We care & lookout for each other's wellbeing​
Delivering Results We are results oriented and focus on outcomes over output. We do what we say and we always deliver on our promises​ to our customers
Ownership & Accountability We are proactive in everything we do. Every action is taken with the company in the forefront​, maximizing the benefits to the company
Deep Domain Expertise We strive to learn and build deep knowledge in our function and business​. There should be no questions left unanswered, no queries left unaddressed
Growth & Learning We expand our knowledge base through learning and leveraging those around us. We are teachers & students at the same time​, constantly teaching and learning

    Meet The Team

    Get to know some of the people behind the product

    "It has been amazing to be in the forefront of innovation, pushing boundaries and challenging the day to day biz norms with Swipey"

    Suresh Commercial Analyst

    "Swipey is the place to be if you are thirsty for knowledge & career growth. I've never had to push myself as hard as I have during my time here, and I've accomplished great results. With great founders & people, I believe Swipey is one of the best companies I've worked at, and I've worked at many."

    Shaza Marketing Lead

    "Best part about being part of Swipey is the fulfillment of learning and our efforts being appreciated!"

    Nasa Recruitment Specialist

    "Swipey has given me good exposure by having the opportunity to wear multiple hats. The founders empower you to make decisions and value your inputs."

    Elaikha Customer Success Specialist

      Perks at Swipey

      Wherever and however you work – we've got you

      Innovation driven

      Innovation-driven, high work-growth environment

      As a startup with a small headcount, you will  be exposed to tasks in and out of your field, allowing you to experience different aspects of a business. 

      Competitive salary

      Competitive Compensation Package and ESOP

      We aim to offer competitive compensation as we strongly believe that everyone should be compensated according to their contribution.

      Paid training & cert

      Training Allowance and Certification

      Employees at Swipey are offered paid training and certification by General Assembly so that you are able to upskill yourself. 

      Comprehensive medical benefit

      Comprehensive Medical Benefits

      Your well-being is the most important to us. Swipey provides its employees with medical benefits that include (but not limited to) optical dental, TCM, medical check-up’s and more.

      Flexible working hours

      Flexible Time Off and Sick Leave Days

      We make sure our employees fully utilize the 46 days of Paid Time Off (PTO) and there is no need to seek for approval for leave. Just simply follow our procedures and you can be on your way.

      Hybrid work

      Hybrid Work Model and Flexible Work Arrangements

      While office hours are 9am-6pm, we do not impose a strict adherence to those times, giving our employees some leeway. 

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